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01. HTD - 2 Girls Only [Prod. KeyBeatz]
02. HTD - Alone (Feat. King Cizzy & Millie) [Prod. By XXYYXX]
03. HTD - Get Over You (Feat. Delly Q) [Prod. By Freeze On The Track]
04. HTD - I Wish [Prod. By Edson Rise]
05. HTD - Know Your Name [Prod. By Krazzy Beatz]
06. HTD - Roses (Feat. Delly Q) [Prod. By Ell Puto]
07. HTD - Be With You (Feat. Exodus) [Prod. By Edson Rise]
08. HTD - Work Hard (Feat. Moz Kidd) [Prod. By Freeze On The Track]
09. HTD - Play My Song (Feat. Delly Q & Hernâni da Silva) [Prod. By Freeze On The Track]
10. HTD - 2 AM (Remix) (Feat. King Cizzy, Exodus, Moz Kidd, Kong & Millie ) [Prod. By Nemas]
11. HTD - Nunca Parado (Remix) (Feat. Jr, Trap Boy, Er Kay, Teknik & Bangla) [Prod. By KeyBeatz]

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